Sell More, Achieve More with BlueDart Shipping Integration Module

Consumers these days demand fast, seamless, and flawless experience when buying online. These expectations leave little or no room for those lengthy procedures of checkout, payments and to check Cash on Delivery.
Nearly 67 % buyers prefer Cash on Delivery as they’d like to have a feel of the product they’re going to pay for. And ‘Cash on Delivery’ proves to be a great support for it and Blue Dart Shipping Integration Magento Extension makes it possible for the store admins to make available COD check functionality on the front-end. This means:
  • ·         Shoppers can check Cash on Delivery using zip code.
  • ·         You’ll never need to generate product shipment email manually.
  • ·         You can create shipment and save time.

And what’s great about it is that it’s now live on Magento Marketplace. The extension has went through the rigorous testing phase of the Magento team, making it a suitable extension for those who’re looking to integrate suitable and professional shipping method on their website.
I’ve mentioned here Blue Dart Shipping Integration Extension because it is the most adorable and professional company, offering timely deliveries to global shipment. This extension is specifically designed to help online store owners to allow shoppers to check the availability of ‘Cash on Delivery’ option in their region and for their product.

Availability of Cash on Delivery is based upon two factors:
  • ·         Product Price – The leading factor that decides the availability of Cash on Delivery is the product price. COD is available only for products that are priced in a particular range.
  • ·         Delivery Region – The COD availability is based upon the terms & conditions by Blue Dart Company as the company offers the facility only in selected regions.

Blue Dart Shipping Integration Extension, along with allowing users to check the Cash on Delivery, brings a lot of benefits to the store admins as it creates a PDF for the order placed by the user. The PDF is sent to sales department through email. The PDF contains details of user, product and company, and order IDs of the products in the form of a barcode.

Some of the great features include:

Check Cash on Delivery – The first, and the most amazing, feature of BlueDart Shipping Integration extension allows online buyers to check Cash on Delivery instantly without going through the checkout process. The option is available right at the product listing page. They can simply put the product delivery location zip code and check whether Blue Dart is offering free delivery in the particular location or not.

Create Shipment

Creating shipment has always been a headache for the online retailers and it can be even tougher if your web store is receiving a good amount of orders each day. Blue Dart Shipping Integration allows store admins to create shipment easily with just a few clicks and save time on the tiresome process and easily inform Blue Dart about customer and product details.

Generates Product Order PDF

For the store owner, the real work starts after the order is placed. However, this extension ensures you stay stress free about the tiresome process as it generates a PDF that includes all the product details such as user, product and company, and order IDs of the products. All the details are available in the form of barcode and sent to the sales department via email.

Blue Dart Shipping Integration comes with a user-friendly interface and straightforward customization options to let store owner enjoy the seamless experience while reducing the workload.

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