Top Magento Extensions to Improve Sales & Marketing Goals

Ecommerce (or online retail) has seen a great revolution in the recent years. Thanks to Magento that makes eCommerce development quite easier and the Magento extensions give additional support to the websites that are designed using Magento platform.
Following the Magento extensions development, there has been noticed vast improvements in the functions that can be done within Magento. These extensions are created by the expert professionals to introduce customizations to the store, allowing them to perform better and help business owners tailor it to suit different marketing needs.
Everything can be made easier with the help of these extensions such as product management, better user experience, payment methods, shipping options, etc.
However, finding the best ones that fit your needs is a time-consuming task. With years of experience in the eCommerce development industry, we’re well aware of the top Magento extensions and hence have created a list of the best ones that may support your marketing and sales goals.

Add Multiple Products to Cart
‘Add Multiple Products to Cart’ is the one-stop solution to reach your marketing goals, increase sales and offer a better shopping experience to the online shoppers altogether. This Magento extension allows buyers to add multiple products to cart with a single click. They can simply browse through the products and click “add to cart” button and the product will be added to the cart.
Shoppers can also select the quantity of product to be added to the cart right from the product category page. Customer can choose to add a few products or all products to cart with “Add All to Cart” button.

·         Customer can add bulk products at once to the cart
·         Extension allows to select multiple product on product listing page.
·         Option to select the quantity of the product is also available.
·         Improved display layout, making store visually appealing.
·         Enhanced User Shopping Experience

Guest Abandoned Cart
Sometimes, online buyers don’t have the time to complete checkout process and they simply want to create a cart to complete the purchase later. Guest Abandoned Cart Magento extension allows the online shoppers to save time as they can simply add products to cart and save the cart without undergoing registration process. With this Magento extension, shoppers can simply add products to cart and checkout later using a single click on “Save Cart” button.
This extension also generates a customized link that is sent to the email address provided by the shopper. This link can be used to check cart products later and to complete purchase.
·         Shoppers can save cart for future.
·         Consumers don’t need to register to save products to cart.
·         Admin can manage email template from backend.
·         Store owner can easily customize and preview email templates.
·         Email data for promotional campaign.

Request A Quote
Another great Magento extension to help reach your sales and marketing goals is the “Request A Quote.” This extension allows online buyers to request quotes for products instead of adding them to the cart. This feature encourages shoppers to buy more predicts at lower prices as they’re able to negotiate over the price tag. Online buyers can simply suggest a lower (or best suitable) price for the product and store admin can accept/reject, or suggest the new price to customers.
For each activities like quotation request, this extension sends email notification to store admin as well as the shopper. With this you encourage customers to buy more products at negotiable prices.
·         Customers can request a quote through user-friendly form.
·         No need to register to request for a quote.
·         Works great with simple and custom option Magento products.
·         Email notification is sent to admin for every quote request.
·         Customers can convert quotes to orders.
·         Store admin can enable or disable Quote system.

Daily Deals or Multiple Deals
Daily Deals or Multiple Deals Magento module is the right solution, dedicated at allowing online store owners to launch multiple deals daily with just a few clicks to encourage shoppers grab the deals. This extension comes with a countdown timer, encouraging shoppers to make a purchase before the deal is gone. With this extension, customers can easily find out the deals while visiting your online store.
It enhances your deals site to grab customer’s attention by setting the discount price and length of time below each product deal. If displays all deals in three tabs – past, present and future.
·         Review all deals in three tabs - current, past and upcoming deals.
·         Attractive countdown timer interface
·         Display the deals below product with ease
·         Admin can create and manage the deals for one or more products
·         Automatic deal activation/deactivation